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Saint Petersburg


Saint Petersburg is extraordinary beautiful and exquisite town, situated on the banks of the Neva River and the Gulf of Finland. Petersburg was founded by the Russian Tsar Peter I (27) 16 may 1703. The city received its name in honor of the Apostle Saint Peter. The proximity of the sea, the vastness of waters, vysoko?irotnoe position (60 ° North latitude and 30 ° East longitude) determine many features of Petersburg – white nights in the summer, early winter twilight, frequent sharp change weather ... Peter I, created a basis not only of Petersburg, but also new Russia forever in the memory of people like Peter the great, as the creator of the Russian Empire. This he is depicted in the monument, fronting the Neva River in front of Vasilievsky island. "The Bronze Horseman" – a brilliant creation of architect Falcone – became one of the main symbols of the city. Catherine city already has the basic contours and became increasingly attract the attention of their classical beauty. It was Catherine laid the foundations for the world-renowned Hermitage collection. In Mykolaiv, bloomed genius Pushkin, Zhukovsky revealed talents, Gogol, Griboyedov. Turgenev, Dostoevsky. Major ensembles constructed Rossi (Dvortsovaya Square, the Senate and Synod, alexandrinsky Theatre), produced by Montferrand (Saint Isaac's square with the Alexander column) and Thomas de Tomonom (the spit of Vasilevsky Island) largely define the majestic landscape of the northern capital, created under Nicholas i. reign of Nicholas is an infiltration of Art Nouveau architecture in St. Petersburg. It is often called the Venice of the North along the streets of old town-channels through which the design of architect Leblona had held court for discharge into harbour. We invite you to visit our city and to ensure the vibrant beauty of the city on the Neva. Every guest, published once Petersburg, necessarily wants to come back here to once again plunge into the unique atmosphere of the city, enjoy a frozen in stone poetry. Beautiful architectural ensembles of squares and palaces, bridges and shady gardens are beautiful and happy guests. Currently, St. Petersburg is one of the most attractive tourist centers in the world. Interest in the city is encouraged, above all, cultural and historical wealth, quality and culture service, abundance and diversity elements of tourist service, warmth. Historic centre of St. Petersburg and its delightful surroundings are United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization World Heritage list. See you in St. Petersburg!

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